Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Sheriff Modeling Day 2

Here are some images of my Sheriff modeling. As you can see some of the finer details are taking shape but I have still maintained a low poly version which smoothes out very nicely.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Sheriff Modeling Day 1

These are some shots of the basic modeling I have started for the Sheriff character. I have used polys for the model just because I am most familiar with these. I will start developing the hat and belt etc next time as well as sorting out his waistcoat and holsters. I may give this model to Sam later on to add finer details in ZBrush or Mudbox as I think things like stitching and creases may really benefit the character model. I may also keep a non-smoothed version of this model to use as a proxy while animating.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

3D Blockout Clips Reel

This video is a reel I have submitted showing all the elements I have blocked out. Most of this has been used although some of it hasn't but I think it is important to document all areas I have worked on for the submission.

Final Presentation Boards for Pitch

In order to look professional we have created our boards to be branded with the El Bandito Logo and Text. I think this is the best way to establish our film as more of a brand. Also we have more of a team feel about our group. I have worked on everyone's boards to get a similar look and overall I am pleased with how everything should flow together in our group pitch. The boards shown here are of my own work and show everything I have worked on this term from environment and prop design to blockout and production elements such as contracts, budgeting, scheduling and branding.

More Blockout Stills

Again some more stills from blockout shots. Some of these aren't the most visually appealing but we are definitely getting to grips with make the camera angles more dynamic and filmically everything seems to be functioning well in the blockout as a whole.

Crude Sheriff Modeling

In order to get things moving along with the blockout I really crudely modeled the Sheriff and the Marshal in about 15 minutes. Nothing fancy and no thrills with rigging. Just a simple poly mesh that we can throw around some of the scenes to get timings and positioning accurate.

Mines Entrance Blockout

These are some screenshots showing the environment I created for the mine entrance. These are really basic poly models with a default shader in to get a nice mental ray render. I have used this for alot of the shots in the blockout to show both the entrance and exit to the mines. It seems to give a really good sense of space and the camera has plenty of room to exploit angles etc.

Maquette Class - Final Finish

These are the final images of my maquette with a greay matte finish. It was sprayed with a primer after going in the oven and being sanded down. I also added some white milliput to areas to smooth out dents and make finer details. The model was then sprayed with grey primer.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Maquette Class - Adding Detail

I've now added some finer details to my model using Skulpey. Some of these bits are quite delicate so I will have to hope they don't break in the oven.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Maquette Class - Making the Sheriff

Over the last 2 weeks we have been taking maquette classes to make 3D models of our characters. I am working on the Sheriff and Matt is creating the Bandit. We created armatures using aluminum wire and steel rods. We then bound the joints with milliput mixture which goes rock solid. We then packed out the armature with tin foil so as not to waste too much Super Skulpey and then we have created the main body like so using Skulpey. Over the next 2 weeks I will be adding the finer details to the model.

Schedule WC 24/11

Everyone should know where they are this week. We should all be doing blockout animation and nothing else as far as I know. If we get this all done by next Monday then we can get it all cut into the animatic by the time we have the pitch and we could have some nice sound cut in as well hopefully. Then next week we will be getting the digital boards knocked up for the group pitch.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

3D Blockout Intro Version 1

I have started blocking out some of the shots roughly in 3D and I am replacing them in the animatic to see how they are working in context with all the other shots. Modeling all these elements and animating these parts was a solid days work so it gives me and idea of what is achievable also in certain time periods. I will continue to blockout other shots in the coming weeks before the pitch. Matt, Sam and Josh are also working on other parts of the animatic and we will edit these all in together at the end of term.

Blockout Models

These are the models I have created to do the blockout with. As I create each shot I will be cutting it into the animatic. I am doing the majority of the start up until the bandit jumps on the train and then a few other shots before the train enters the mines. Using a preset rig I will pose the character to show the obvious movements and actions.