Thursday, 29 January 2009

Train Model Modifications

Ajdin has modeled our train for us but I've made a few small changes. Seems some parts were not mirrored onto the opposite side of the train so I have sorted this. Also small things such as exaggerating the main funnel slightly and changing the driver compartment slightly so that the bullet ricochet section can work as easily as possible. Also made the coal cart smaller as this seemed overly large and unbalanced the main part of the train.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Character AO Render

Here is a quick render showing the characters I have worked on. These are all now to a finished state although some further changes were made to the prisoners face although these were minor. I thought this would be nice to start showing the development we are making production wise and it also shows that I have all the characters to scale.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Final Prisoner Modeling

Here are some shots of the prisoner model. These might need a few tweaks in terms of shape and size but generally all the attributes for the character are in place.

Prisoner Modeling Day 2

Here are some images of my modeling on the prisoner. As you can see I have spent alot of time working on the belly and shape of the torso as we want him to be fat and chunky but still very strong and powerful. Also you can see some finer detail on the shoes and round the belly button!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Prisoner Modeling Day 1

Taking parts of Sam's earlier modeling (mainly the head) I have started building a new body for the prisoner. We was unsure of the earlier attempts in some ways so Sam's gone on to what he knows best with environments and I'm busting out another character model! Good times!

Schedule WC 19/01/09

Doing well so far, we seem to be making up extra time for later on although I'm sure when we take a gap to all do dissertations then this will even out back to normal. It's good that we are making up time though. Character modeling is ahead of schedule and that means that Sam and Kaniks have been able to move onto prop and environment modeling and Sam is also doing some character texturing. Matt and Josh seem to be moving into rigging aswell which is good. Overall we are well on target. Just think we all need to make sure we get our dissertations done in one hit and we should be all good.

The Law in 3D

Finally some nice characters shots in 3D. Just a simple render of the Marshals and the Sheriff. Gives a nice idea of the scale of the characters in proportion but I think its working quite nice already.

Marshal Modeling Stage 2

These are some more images of the Marshal character model now finished with all the smaller details, many of which were taken from the sheriff. I'm happy with the topology here and he's divided up better now for rigging and texturing, as is the Sheriff.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Marshal Modeling

After finishing the Sheriff and passing him on to be rigged and textured I have started work on Kanika's model of the Marshal to get him looking slightly better. Started with the head and this was edited from the Sheriff model. I've also nicked some other assets from it to save some time and keep the 3 characters looking generic.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Term 2 Schedule - WC 12/01

New term, new start and a new refreshed schedule! We all kinda know where we are but a meeting on the first day back would be good. We've luckily made more progress than we originally planned. With us all getting on with character modeling and Ajdin working on the train we have really made up some time. It nows means that we have a total of 12 weeks animating which I'm sure Matt will be happy about. First 3-4 weeks this term will be all modeling, texturing, rigging and lighting everything and then Matt will start animating properly at some point in there as rigging starts to finish. I'll keep updating this weekly and keep emailing it out as usual now!

Sheriff Modeling Day 3

These are some of the final images of my model for Sheriff. I may be making a few changes to the mesh in terms of body divisions around the joints but I think the topology should be okay and having the low poly version is great for blend shapes. Also in light of this I have now modeled the mouth open as default as you can see below.