Sunday, 23 November 2008

Maquette Class - Making the Sheriff

Over the last 2 weeks we have been taking maquette classes to make 3D models of our characters. I am working on the Sheriff and Matt is creating the Bandit. We created armatures using aluminum wire and steel rods. We then bound the joints with milliput mixture which goes rock solid. We then packed out the armature with tin foil so as not to waste too much Super Skulpey and then we have created the main body like so using Skulpey. Over the next 2 weeks I will be adding the finer details to the model.

Schedule WC 24/11

Everyone should know where they are this week. We should all be doing blockout animation and nothing else as far as I know. If we get this all done by next Monday then we can get it all cut into the animatic by the time we have the pitch and we could have some nice sound cut in as well hopefully. Then next week we will be getting the digital boards knocked up for the group pitch.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

3D Blockout Intro Version 1

I have started blocking out some of the shots roughly in 3D and I am replacing them in the animatic to see how they are working in context with all the other shots. Modeling all these elements and animating these parts was a solid days work so it gives me and idea of what is achievable also in certain time periods. I will continue to blockout other shots in the coming weeks before the pitch. Matt, Sam and Josh are also working on other parts of the animatic and we will edit these all in together at the end of term.

Blockout Models

These are the models I have created to do the blockout with. As I create each shot I will be cutting it into the animatic. I am doing the majority of the start up until the bandit jumps on the train and then a few other shots before the train enters the mines. Using a preset rig I will pose the character to show the obvious movements and actions.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Black and White Environment Prop Illustrations

When designing our environments we often don't think about the smaller details that can dress a scene to make the theme work. I have started making some observations of objects that could be in a Western environment so that I can quickly model these later on knowing I already have this reference and have a better knowledge of the objects. Also some of the reference to buildings and architecture is important also.

Friday, 14 November 2008

More Character Style Reference

I thought some of these illustrations had a nice style and also a nice feel to them. Could have some affect on how our characters move or are posed but also good for the tone of the animation in terms of colour and grading.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Fratelli's Black 'n' Blue Eyes Music Video

Some really nice reference here both for character posing and style of animation. The style is alot more simple than we would be aiming for but the animation is really nice with some quirky movements that look really effective. Definitely good to look at. Also I really like the grading which has a kind of orange / sunset tone throughout.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Character Reference

Some nice character animation here which would be good to refer to later on when refining and finessing animation but thought it would be good to note it down now. The first one is from an animation Matt has already found but this was an earlier test which wasn't used in the final film.

The second one almost seems a bit like our bandit proportion wise and I like the ganglyness of his arms as he falls, nice follow through and weight.

Western Animation Shorts

These are some animations I have found online for some extra inspiration into the mood of the West. I don't think we have come across these ones yet. Worth a look though.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Schedule WC 10/11

This is the schedule for this week. This is the last week for everyone to really finish environment concepts and then we need to get on to blockouts. Tony and Matt have a couple of weeks still to finish expression and character pose drawings and then we will start making up the mood boards for the group pitch.

Train Concepts

These train concepts show some of the key scenes as the train exits the mines and then when the trains uncouple. I really like some of these dramatic camera angles which focus the energy in the shot and show the pace of the action more intensely. The train exiting the mines is my preferred one and if we can get smoke looking nice in 3D i think this shot will look amazing.

Jail Cell Concept

This is an idea I have for this final scene in the jail cell where the bandit has been caught. I think the camera could pan in slowly and twist from this angle and it really demonstrates the loneliness of the character at this point. Also making the cell really gritty I think will add to the mood of the final shots.

Water Tower Concept 2

This concept shows how the bandit could jump down from the water tower and then take a run up to make the jump to the roof of the train. I think this is important to establish this environment as it does feature for a fair amount of the film length. But I like this style of water tower and the idea of a shack next to it which could be battered and abandoned could feature quite nicely to set the scene up.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Field Trip Research: Chislehurst Caves

These are photos taken at Chislehurst Caves this week as research for our mines location. Got some good textures to use aswell which will act as good reference. Also very good for how to model rockfaces etc inside the mine and also adding some subtle features to the walls of the caves in 3D.