Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Recent Narrative Changes and Suggestions

These are some of the changes we have made which I felt it would be important to document as we have been doing a great deal of editing recently both for the narrative and for the audio syncing.

- Removed Sheriff badge close-up shot in favour of the Sheriff pulling out a Wanted Poster of the Bandit.
- Animation of Poster at the beginning goes straight into transition to Bandit's face.
- No flying poster at start.
- Bandit has an illustrative map in his hand at the start which he looks at and then tucks away before realising the sound of the train.
- Environment pan establishing shot at the start much more subtle panning in slightly.
- Adopted my test to have dangling on train shots as just two cuts - one on top of train and one at side of train.
- Establishing Shot of the Mines Entrance shows the train aswell as the entrance to give the audience a perception of the imminent danger, followed by Danger sign close-up.

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