Monday, 27 October 2008

Desert Concepts

The 2 concepts above are of a kind of Western village that could be in the background as the wanted poster blows past in the opening shot. I have tried to incorporate the water tower but since doing this we have decided the tower should be more solitary away from the town and out in the middle of the desert more.

This concept is more of a shot before we get to the mines but a nice environment all the same showing a small creek that the train can cross a bridge to get over. This could look quite cinematic and further show off the Western style environments etc. I really like the way this small piece of environment could link the flat plains of the desert to the more rocky terrain of the mines that would essentially be in a more mountainous region or area. Also I like the fact we could have small flashes of plants and cacti in the environment to make it more colourful and not too drab and lifeless.

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