Monday, 20 October 2008

Project Scheduling

As producer I really need to work on project scheduling to make sure each area of the film runs smoothly and we cover all areas.

As a starter I have created an Excel spreadsheet which covers all the pre-production areas in term 1 for the whole group.

I have then made individual schedules for each person to follow and keep so that they can see what work they should be doing. By distributing the work up between people like this it means that the amount of work seems less over-whelming for the whole group. Also in some areas more than one person will be working on that area so therefore people can collaborate their work to get better results and create more work.


Anonymous said...

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Harvey said...

We have a group of 6 on this project. So its all divided up quite neatly. Thats why we need all these schedules and plans for things.

Then we just use blogs for documenting our ideas. I always annotate items I post (ie. images, videos) There's no point putting stuff on a blog unless you tell people what its all about. Otherwise its just a collection of stuff. Telling people your ideas is the best bit of a blog for me.